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A proof set, or mint set, is simply a collection of proof coins from a specific year. A proof refers to a coin produced on a specially prepared planchet. Since sets are more valuable than individual proofs, many collectors favor proof sets for specific years over simply proofs themselves.

What is a proof set?

Whether you're new to proof set collecting or you have your eye on a particular set or year, we're happy to help. Our shop keeps up on proof set pricing, ensuring you get the best price possible. Why spend more when you don't have to? Instead, find the choice that's the right fit for you with our extensive collection.

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Coin collecting is an excellent and profitable hobby. If you're just beginning your coin collection or you're looking to buy supplies for yourself or someone else, there are some concepts you should become familiar with before you shop.


Loupe- A tiny magnifying glass used to determine the grade and value of a coin. It can also be used by other types of professionals such as jewlers and photographers.


Album- Books specially designed to hold and display valued collections such as antique or commemorative coins. They are often made to show both the front and rear of each coin.


Coin Holder- Seen in a variety of plastic and cardboard designs, they are intended to protect coins from wear and damage.


Mint State- A coin of the highest possible grade is sad to be in mint condition. A mint is also the name of a facility that manufactures coins.