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A proof set, or mint set, is simply a collection of proof coins from a specific year. A proof refers to a coin produced on a specially prepared planchet. Since sets are more valuable than individual proofs, many collectors favor proof sets for specific years over simply proofs themselves.

What is a proof set?

Main Street Coin Shop offers uncirculated, proof and silver proof coin sets. Enjoy these sets that commemorate the history of our nation and the heritage of coinage:


Whether you're new to proof set collecting or you have your eye on a particular set or year, we're happy to help.

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Have you ever wanted a complete set of rare coins to add to your collection? As an avid collector, you are likely to be drawn to unique, and certified coin sets. Main Street Coin Shop is eager to please. We're proud to offer a wide range of proof sets to give your collection the flair it deserves.


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