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Do you have broken gold chains, old charms, an incomplete pair of earrings? How about that old school ring, dog-tag or rope chain that you haven’t worn in decades? Or how about that heart-shaped charm, given to you by an old flame? Isn’t it way past time that you put these items to good use and get cash for them today? We not only pay the most, we're also the most honest. You will feel that as soon as you do business with us.

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We are interested in a wide variety of silver & gold coins and silver coin collections. We routinely buy collections of older and modern silver & gold coins of varying condition and rarity.


Some of the more popular Silver Coinage that we look for includes:

- American and Foreign Gold & Silver Government Bullion Coins

- Morgan Silver Dollar

- Franklin Half Dollars

- Standing Liberty Quarters

- 90% Junk Silver US Coins

- Peace Silver Dollars

- Other Silver Coins of Varying Raity & Condition.

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If you've never considered the commodities market before, now is an exciting time to start! With the fluctuating economy, investing in precious metals has become increasingly popular. When you need advice or suggestions, our experts are ready to introduce you to what

we have to offer.

Learn the ins and outs of commodity investing

  • Coins

  • Bullion

  • Proof sets

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Platinum

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A proof set, or mint set, is simply a collection of proof coins from a specific year. A proof refers to a coin produced on a specially prepared planchet. Since sets are more valuable than individual proofs, many collectors favor proof sets for specific years over simply proofs themselves.

What is a proof set?

Whether you're new to proof set collecting or you have your eye on a particular set or year, we're happy to help. Our shop keeps up on proof set pricing, ensuring you get the best price possible. Why spend more when you don't have to? Instead, find the choice that's the right fit for you with our extensive collection.

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From selection to quality, our options can't be beat!

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Buy or sell your gold and silver!

Sell or trade-in your unwanted gold towards something new while gold prices

remain at an all-time high. Turn them into cash or trade them in for a

coin. Ask for a free quote!


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